Wooden roofs


Wooden roofs are today an evolution of modern architecture, showing careful attention to respect for the environment, comfort and elegance.

Thanks to the experience acquired over its several decades of experience, the Segna Legnami Technical Department is able to provide specific support during the design stages, seeking to interpret different styles and tastes. 

The use of wood in building roofs fundamentally aims to lighten it and, in particularly sensitive buildings, to prevent the onset of damp, to effectively withstand thermal shock and to enable significant energy savings, offering a high structural quality solution that is also ecologically sustainable. 

The final objective is therefore to have wooden roofs that are design elements flaunting technical accuracy, as well as eco-compatible elements that enable excellent energy savings, and this is why we closely monitor:

  • design in compliance with both laws and regulations and construction techniques;
  • structure cut;
  • supply of the insulating package (fine ventilated roof, ventilated roof);
  • installation of structure and package.

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