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Segna Legnami

An ancient passion for wood, a wealth of experience and high quality products and services offered have enabled Segna Legnami to acquire important shares of the domestic market. 

Established in 1963 by Virginio Segna, the company has successfully evolved, renovated and gained confirmation over time.

Segna Legnami stands out for both the variety of carefully selected species of wood and for the capacity to carry out different, unique workings that are able to meet the most demanding aesthetic and structural requirements. 

During its research and development of tailor-made solutions that are aimed at promoting energy saving through the use of renewable energy sources, Segna Legnami has equipped itself with an avant-garde photovoltaic plant and joined some major projects for thermal and energy production deriving from the use of biomass.

Choosing Segna Legnami means choosing an expert, competent, safe business that has deep roots in its territory of origin, where wood is synonymous of a specific lifestyle. This is why we are proud to introduce ourselves

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