Wooden homes: a healthy way of living


The naturalness of a living space is expressed in the comfort and well-being it emanates. A home, the emblem of a dream that has come true, must have these characteristics. Segna Legnami is the ideal choice for designing and building wooden constructions intended for all architectonic, residential, commercial, industrial, sports and tourist contexts.

The "BLOCKHAUS" construction system

The solid wood element construction system (or two-layer) or with overlaying trunks, is an excellent solution for various building types. In the different sections and dimensions, we can imagine the classic construction immersed in the green woodlands, or a comfortable chalet in a modern tourist resort: living in a natural all-wood environment conveys unique sensations. 

The "FRAME" construction system

Homes built using this traditional system have the support structure of the walls built using fir wood uprights and internal and external buffers created from different panels (multilayer, OSB, etc.). Various different insulating materials are positioned inside the package (wood fibre, mineral wool, cellulose, etc.). The result of these different combinations results in a great many different types of walls, each of which is used to meet different demands (protection from the cold, protection from the heat, thermal displacement, acoustic insulation, etc.). 

The "PANEL" construction system

Buildings constructed using this system use 3- or 5-layer panels, with each layer glued perpendicular to the previous (X-lam). These elements, produced in technologically avant-garde plants, have exceptional static performances and convey a sensation of structural solidity to the end user. The panels used are PEFC certified guaranteeing the environment and consumer.


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