Façade cladding

Rivestimenti facciate

Wooden cladding is created working larch, oak and chestnut and other varieties if requested, in plank or board form in various different sizes and thicknesses and matched with other materials such as stainless steel, zinc-titanium and copper. 

Choosing wooden cladding means combining beauty and comfort with respect for the environment.

Wood is a "living" material: with its variety of colours, grain and shades enabling solutions of great aesthetic impact to be obtained. Wooden cladding is also synonymous of practicality: it protects support structures from damp and is an excellent thermal insulation system, reducing energy costs and ensuring the proper heat regulation of the micro-climate within the home. 

This type of cladding is very popular not only for the creation of rustic environments as the grain and colour of the materials are exalted, reducing the sensation that comes from the surfaces of cold walls, but also in modern environments accompanied by stainless steel and other material finishes.

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